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NBA Owners Claim Slot Machine Ate Their Money

October 26, 2011


A handful of NBA owners have filed a complaint with a Las Vegas casino this week, claiming the slot machines “ate their money.”  While the negotiations for a new NBA collective bargaining agreement are still underway, a few of the NBA owners were recently able to sneak away to Vegas for a few days for […]

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Nation-Wide NCAA Sweatshop Ring Uncovered

October 24, 2011


A ring of NCAA operated sweatshops spanning from coast to coast has just been uncovered according to several authorities.  Sources say these rings have been forcing unpaid physical labor on men and women as young as 17-18 years old for decades, mostly in small towns where major universities are located. Recognized only as numbers, or […]

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Manning to Spend Year Sitting Under Kerry Collins’ Tutelage

September 9, 2011


Injured Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning will likely sit out the entire 2011 season.  Manning, who underwent a third neck procedure yesterday, could have attempted to play through the injury, but the Colts’ offseason acquisition of veteran Kerry Collins removed that temptation. “Once Kerry was signed I knew this was a great opportunity for me,” Peyton […]

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The First Rule of 49ers Games: You Do Not Talk About 49ers Games

August 23, 2011


Sunday evening’s preseason matchup between the 49ers and the Raiders marked new low for sports fans in San Francisco.  Fighting between the two team’s fans started during the tailgate parties and lasted throughout the game, finally sending two men to the hospital in critical condition. “Project Mayhem,” an underground force of men who fight with […]

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NFL Network to Air Manning Commercial Every Hour on the Hour and When it Breaks

August 16, 2011


The NFL Network recently announced its plan to make Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning its featured pitchman.  His commercials will soon be as common as your local weather updates on AM radio, with one being shown every hour. If trying to fill commercial breaks throughout the day on a 24-hour sports channel is as challenging as […]

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Midwesterner Admits, Became a Red Sox Fan After They Got Good

August 11, 2011


A Minnesota man recently became the first member of ‘Red Sox Nation’ to publicly admit he only became a Red Sox fan after the team won the 2004 World Series.  The young man refused to publicly reveal his identity for fear of backlash from recent Red Sox converts across the country. “I had to come […]

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Deion Sanders Buys Sports Car for Himself for His Mama

August 8, 2011


Deion Sanders took fans behind the “Prime-Time” curtain in his hall of fame induction speech Saturday.  Sanders told the crowd that the driving force throughout his athletic career was to provide a way for his mother to quit her job and never have to work again. His alter ego, “Prime-Time”, was created in his Florida […]

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